MyBeehive (2018) Limited

My Beehive (2018) Limited is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of NZ Honey Innovations Limited.

Amount raised

$415,840 |  461% FUNDED
Min target: $92,000 (for 8.92% of company)
Max target: $90,160 (for 8.92% of company)
Share class offered: Fully Paid Preferred Shares
Share price: $1,840 per share
Offer closed in 0 days
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$415,840 Funded
$92,000 Min target (8.92% equity)
$90,160 Max target (49% equity)
$ Still available for investment
Offer closed in 0 days

I Offer Summary


MyBeehive (2018) Limited is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of NZ Honey Innovations Limited (NZHI).

NZHI holds 510 ordinary shares in the Company.

The Company is offering to issue between 50 and 490 new non-voting Investment Shares to investors at $1,840 per share.

This will raise a minimum of $92,000 and a maximum of $901,600 from the offer of new non-voting shares in the Company to the community.  This makes up a collective ownership stake of between 5% and 49% for the community depending on the number of investments.

In order for the capital raise to be successful and for an investor to be officially accepted as shareholders in the Company, we will need to reach our minimum goal of $92,000.

The Company’s vision is to own and operate beehives to produce mānuka and other New Zealand honey.

The Company’s core business model is based on growing its inventory of beehives to produce premium quality New Zealand mānuka honey. The Company will generate income through honey sales and selling queen bees.

The Company is looking to raise between $92,000 and $901,600. The shares to be issued are new non-voting Investment Shares. Depending on how much new capital is raised the funds will be used for capital investment (buying beehives, erecting buildings, purchasing vehicles) and for working capital (including to pay beekeepers and lease land).

NZHI is willing to fund the Company through shareholder loans. However, the main purpose behind raising capital by crowd funding is to propagate the Company’s and NZHI’s core mission statement:

To connect the end users/consumers of New Zealand mānuka honey with the beekeepers and bees who produce them


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